Friday, April 27, 2012

Much needed post-VLV 15 post!

Yours truly holding up a 1950's gold lame' "Mr. Blackwell" jumpsuit. Can you say- killer?!

So, it has been awhile since I got back from Viva Las Vegas... I felt that it's time I did a little wrap-up post about it. I managed to take a bunch of pictures, of which you can see on my Flickr here.

That's the best part about going for me, taking loads of pictures. I just love to see what people are wearing. This year, I was fortunately enough to meet allot of my international customers from the UK and Australia, which was such a treat! Everyone that I met was super sweet and so lovely- it made me feel so good to have such wonderful and appreciative clientele.

I wasn't totally into any of the musical acts this year; it would have been cool to see Duane Eddy at the car show, but we skipped it. I don't think any Viva performance can top Wanda Jackson on my birthday 2 years ago. That was the ultimate. We did however catch the burlesque show on Friday and 2 Charles Phoenix slideshows, so that was cool. 

Charles Phoenix and I have met before, we shared a dressing room a few years ago at Tiki Oasis here in San Diego and he introduced me before I performed burlesque. When I first met him, he was wearing a neon pink raw silk suit- needless to say, it was love at 1st sight. He is one fabulously sassy man and if you're a fan of vintage kitsch, you need to catch one of his slideshows. Here's a pic of when I first met him, and then a pic of us at VLV this year. Check out that Easter suit! (He loved my lame' outfit by the way, and wanted to know all about it.)

I'm not a big gambler, in fact, I didn't do any gambling this year- but lord knows I blew enough money as is! Between shoppin', drinkin', and a whole lotta eatin', this weekend is no joke on my pocketbook! :-) But hey, I got to wear outfits that I will never get to wear again all year, so that's worth it, right?

So basically, I recommend just look at my pictures on Flickr to get a feel of the whole weekend. That's more fun than me rambling on and on about this and that. You'll get to see my obsessive wardrobe changes, killer outfits on others, and all around crazy vintage weirdness/goodness.


  1. I am in love with that chenille beach cape! TDF! That Mr. Blackwell isn't looking good on the hangar though...I'd have to see it on/up close.

  2. You have so fabulous outfits. I LOVE the sea horse purse. You look great.

  3. It was so fun to look through all your was almost like being there again! thanks for sharing them :-)
    Like Mistress Catgirl said, you have some fabulous outfits...that's the understatement of the century, actually!
    I especially love the crab-pants outfit and the chenille cape with matching seahorse bag. Amazing finds!
    It's funny that you say you don't really gamble...I don't either, and I don't really drink much (I'm a lightweight and I hate feeling hungover, plus I used to drink waaaay too much when I was a youngin' and I think I just got it all out of my system then). My friends are like "Wait, you go to Vegas and you don't drink and you don't gamble, and you have a great time? How is that possible?" ;-)

  4. Great pics!!!! Thanks for including the one of Mary! I too am rather partial to the chenille ensemble - bummed that I didn't get to see it in real life. Just know that Charles is very fond of you too. He kept talking about that striking, red-head from San Diego!!!

  5. Aww you look fantastic! Looks like you had a great time! :) I hope my fella and I get to go one year! :) x

  6. OMG OMG OMG...if I was lucky enough to run into you in Vegas,I'd be all over you like a rash! X

  7. Hello! I loved your pics, i'm planning to go over there next year. Just,tell you, you won 'the lovely blog award' :)