Monday, January 30, 2012

A True American Love Affair: Pendleton

 A gorgeous Pendleton ad from the 1920's. Can you imagine using one of these as a beach blanket?!

There's a clothing label that's as American as apple pie, old worn-in cowboy boots, and fireworks on the Fourth of July. That label is Pendleton. Popular with hard working men, fashion-savy hipsters, and true-blue vintage-lovers alike- Pendleton means quality, craftsmanship, and mind-blowing gorgeous color.

Here's a little background on Pendleton as a company from the VFG Label Resource:

The Pendleton Woolen Mill opened in 1909, producing blankets with Indian designs. In time, the blankets were used to make bathrobes and coats. By 1924 the company started making the famous Pendleton Man’s wool shirt, and by 1929 they were producing a full line of menswear.

In 1949, Pendleton first made women’s clothing. Most notable was their ’49er jacket – hip length, long-sleeved casual jacket with wide collar, patch pockets and large shell buttons down the front. The 49er is still being made by Pendleton today. 

For many years, Pendleton raised their own sheep and spun and wove the wool. They sold the fabric as well as the blankets and finished clothing. At one time, Pendleton used 1% of all the wool produced in the US.
Pendleton worked exclusively in wool until 1972, when they produced their first spring line. Blue Pendleton labels indicate men’s clothing, and white labels are on women’s.

Here are a few vintage Pendleton ads to take a gander at...

What I personally love about Pendletons are all of the gorgeous Native American designs in super rich, vibrant color schemes. Take these for example...

My boyfriend happens to be a full-blown Pendleton hoarder. That's him in the upper right below, and YES- he agrees with the ad. A man really can never have enough Pendletons! (Those are not his shirts pictured, though.)

And shown below is how the ladies can rock them. A few of these are from Pendleton's newer collaborative line with the label Opening Ceremony. Read more about this colorful collaboration  here.

And of course, at Butch Wax Vintage we have a fabulous 1940's Pendleton number that's currently for sale. Wear it as a dress or a light coat! It's pictured below and available here!

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  1. I live in Pendleton, Oregon!!! It's a great town with great history...and a lotta vintage "Pendleton". I love my 49ers for the Oregon winters.