Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So Easy & Never Cheesey: Cotton Summer Dresses!

Ah yes, the classic 1950's crisp cotton sun dress. A true staple in any wardrobe, I do believe. All throughout the year I hoard these little gems, just waiting to bust them out the minute the weather shows the least bit of warmness.

One of my favorite styles of this dress is the classic "New Look" style that was made so popular by the late great Mr. Christian Dior. The New Look silhouette consists of waspy nipped waists and huge full circle skirts, usually so full that a crinoline can be worn underneath for added volume and drama. Here's a perfect example of a classic 1950's New Look sun dress:

Common brands that were popular for this style back in the day include "Jonathan Logan," "R&K Originals," "Alex Colman" and even the Hawaiiana great "Afred Shaheen."

And of course, at Butch Wax Vintage I love to keep my store chock-full of these babies. I look for ones with that extra little flair, that extra little detailing, or "novelty." Many of mine will have whimsical "novelty prints" on them, such as this darling coffee cup and saucer novelty print one by "Alex Colman":

Perfect for the stylish hot beverage lover or foxy barista! Isn't it thee cutest?

Here are a few more fabulous 1950's New Look sun dress Butch Wax pieces that are currently still available as well:



Any of course, what good would any blog entry be without showing a few modern day examples of how these vintage 1950's dresses are worn! Take a gander:

A gorgeous Italian woman in Paris rockin' a fine vintage sun dress with an added modern day belt and leopard platforms!

Me, on the left, wearing a fabulous Etsy find with a vintage tooled leather belt and modern day Charles David platform mules at Viva Las Vegas!

Anyhow, hope you all enjoyed my first little ditty post. Look for more coming soon!

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  1. This page is so SUNNY WARM why wouldn't you want to dawn one of these gorgeous dresses? LOVE IT!!!

    Beautiful site Amanda!

    Cristina Rivera