Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Summer Tradition: Fabulous Swim Attire!

Summer's here... do YOU have that perfect swim suit to make you a true bathing beauty?
Aaaah yes, it's that time of year. The tempratures rise, the days grow longer, and eventually you will be invited to some sort of function that involves a beach or a pool, or lounging by a body of water of some sort. Perhaps a kiddie pool? Please, we don't judge here.

So, with that in mind, do you feel truly confident with your current choice of pool attire? Hmmm? Well, if not, why not try a cute vintage number! Most women who often complain of feeling "naked" in modern day swimwear love the figure flattering styles of yesteryear. Vintage suits were made to really flatter and enhance the female form (i.e. giving you that great hourglass look), not just merely showing as much skin as they possibly can, like today's suits. Allot of them had structural boning built-in, as well as supportive bras that gave you that great va-va-voom bustline. And I know what you might be thinking--- "granny swim suits." NOPE. Check these sexy 1940's and 1950's bathing suit styles below! Not your nana's swimsuit, that's for sure!

The middle one absolutely kills me. One in every color, please.

Catalina was a very popular swimsuit maker in the 1950's. These styles are all super cute, don't you agree? I especially love the one on the far right.

Rose Marie Reid was considered the "Cadillac" of swimwear back in the 1950's. Extremely well made and very high fashion. These suits are extremely collectable now. The suits above were made out of a water-proof velvet material. Simply fabulous!

An adorable 1950's ad for swimwear giant "Jantzen," who are still around today.

"Cole of California" was another very popular, high end swimwear label from this time. I find that their designs were the most fun and quirky, while still remaining very high fashion. Check out these 2 ethnic inspired ads; the first from 1958 and the second from 1955. Super cute!

Some lovely styles above. I have always loved the vintage bikinis in particular and how interesting they were made; with all of the ties and whatnot. Famous pinup model Bettie Page was known for making her own- something I would love to try and tackle myself one day.

And of course, here's a modern day example of vintage swimwear that's still totally functional and pool-ready:

Myself in a late 1940's cotton seersucker one piece. No label, seems homemade. I love the ruffled skirt! In case you're wondering- yep, this (the suit, not the hair... heheh) went in a jacuzzi and did quite well.

And of course at Butch Wax Vintage I have some super duper cuties up for your buying pleasure. Check these 2 out that are up for grabs:

The 1st one is a 1950's satin-esque "Catalina" brand suit (Size XL to XXXL) that's never been worn!
The 2nd one is a late 1940's crisp cotton suit (Size M) that's so just pinup chic!
Both are guaranteed to turn heads in a very good way.

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