Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Stormy Weather

Outfit for a rather chilly and blustery 58 degree San Diego wintery day. Brrrr!

What a goof.

So, what the heck am I wearing? Well....
  • 1940's Hand Knitted Sweater - For sale on Butch Wax Vintage's Etsy here!!
  • 1970's Classic Black Velvet Pencil Skirt - A true staple to my wardrobe. I wear this a ton.
  • Vivienne Westwood Clear with Gold Glitter Rubber Sling-Back High Heels - I love these to no end, I wish I would have gotten 2 or 3 pairs. Fairy Princess shoes for sure.
 Here's a closer look at what the shoes look like. LOVE!!!
  • 1950's Brown Chiffon Scarf in my hair - My hair is so gross today, like seriously, y'all. I had to special order my hard-to-find hair dye and I've been waiting on it. I have huge roots and it's just a mess. So a scarf is an easy fix for me. Presto-bad-hair-begone-o!
  • Faux Gold Clip-On Hoop Earrings - A recent buy from the swap meet this past weekend.
 I thought you all might also enjoy seeing some recent little scores of mine...

A darling mint-condition 1950's hand painted Mexican circle skirt for a child! It's marked a size 2 and it has a "Tel-Art" tag! So cute, I just had to snatch it up. And now my Mexican prostitute doll can model it. I scored this for $26 at a local second hand boutique.

2 wonderfully aged-wood framed vintage Native American painted pictures. I love the bold colors and simplistic nature of them. They're signed too, which is cool. I scored these both for a total of $20 at the swap meet.

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  1. Those shoes are amazing! I'm such a sucker for anything with glitter. Plus, they'd go with anything!!
    Love your "Mexican Prostitute Doll" heehee...