Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Nana.

Nana working at Tower Records in San Diego, circa 1940's.

Today was my Nana, Mrs. Lily Lee's, birthday. Lily Lee, no middle name, born Lily McGraw in West Virginia. Her sister was Ruby Jewel McGraw, later Ruby Jewel White (married to a White of West Virginia... sound familiar?). ;) Lily Lee was married to my Papa, a painfully handsome sweet Texan named James Maurice Lee- Reese or Jim for short, in 1947. They were married in Yuma, Arizona on their way out west. They had 3 girls- my mom Jimee Gae, and my 2 aunts Melinda Blanche and Betty Jean. Good southern names.

She passed away a few years ago on October 25th; it seems like yesterday. She was my most favorite. She was a total firecracker. Sharp as a wit, super talkative, super funny, such a lovely person. You could always find her on the phone gabbing to her friends with her "L" coffee mug in hand. She had big hair. She had long painted nails. She cussed when she needed to. Haha. She taught me so much throughout our time together. When I was little, her and my Papa would watch my cousin and I everyday while our parents worked. These times were priceless. She would tell me stories of her with her big crinolines in the 1950's and how everyone in Texas would look at her like she was an alien because of her flamboyant styles. She taught me that it was ok to be an individual, to celebrate it.

Anyhow, today I have been missing her especially much.

Nana in Balboa Park, San Diego, circa 1940's.

What a cute sun suit!

I love this picture of my grandparents.

So adorable! My Papa was such a string bean! I love his hair curl in the front!

Nana was a tiny lil' thing.

Pregnant with their first child, my mama around 1949-50.

Their 1st house in San Diego on Polk Avenue.

So cute!

I love this picture to no end.

 A trip to the snow. Love!


  1. Happy Birthday Mrs Lee! What a beautiful woman - and what wonderful memories for you. I especially love the pic of her in front of that gorgeous house, in her divine two piece (swimsuit?) and with the little boy in roller skates. Thank you for sharing.

    Sarah xxx

    PS I do hope you will consider removing Word Verification from comments - it's an absolute pain in the neck and I promise you won't get spam if you remove it. Plus I will send you my first born child and love you until the end of time.

  2. Such a sweet post! She seems like a stylish and great lady...I love all her clothes, especially the two-piece playsuit. My favorite pic is the last one, though! Adorable.

  3. What a sweetheart and what style! :) x

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