Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Obsessions: 1950's "Ceeb of Miami" Jumpsuits

 An old Ceeb ad. DROOL.

 Me performing with my band, The Amandas, in my one and only Ceeb suit. I scored this baby online for a mere $98!!

 A friend of mine's private collection. I know, I know- couldn't you just DIE?

 2 lovely pieces from Where It's At Vintage.

 Some vintage Ceeb tags. The top is from a mens cotton shirt, the bottom is from a jumpsuit.


  1. Those are amazing! Yours is especially cool, with it's music appropriate!I've never run across one of these. Are they lined inside?

  2. The top parts are lined, but not the legs. Yes, they are super rare. One of those weird 1950's articles of clothing that's so weird and wonderful that they're always big bucks when you do find them! I think every Ceeb suit is now owned by a collector, not just some grandma that has one left over from her "hot mama" days. :) Dang it!

  3. Oh wow! Those are amazing. I have a new thing to keep my eyeballz peeled for when I'm thrifting :) Thanks!

  4. WOW.... There is one for auction on EBay right now...

  5. Hey girl! A gold one was found today by a vintage collector/seller friend of mine at a little thrift store in Torrance, CA.
    keep your eye out for it going up for sale soon!