Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Butch Wax Life: Estate Salin'

Today I partook in one of my favorite pastimes- estate sale hunting!! And boy, did I find a good one. It was a home from the early 60's and the owners hadn't gotten rid of one stitch ever since then. These are the type of estate sales that I dream about. Loads and loads of vintage clothes and collectables. It's a vintage hoarders dream, I tell you.

So, what did I find? Well besides many super cute vintage clothes for the Butch Wax Etsy, I found some super cool, weird little vintage nick-knacks. Some cool 50's Tupperware, old kitchen items, a deadstock 50's Mexican tooled leather purse with original tags, vintage Taos moccasins... But what I was most surprised with was the vintage "naughty" items. Take a look for yourself...

Looks innocent, right? Well, just you wait....

High Ball cocktail glass holders that are mini tighty-whities! Too funny. In perfect shape.

Looking for the right corsage for your date? Why not get her a penis one! So funny. This must have been uber risque for back then.
Yes, these are actual glasses! There was the full set of 6, but I didn't grab them all in time. Two old men hovered in over them and the rest is history. Oh well, I'm happy with my set of 4.

I love vintage beauty products, especially lipstick. No, I don't use them, I just love looking at the great vibrant colors and color names like "Sherry Spumoni" or "Melon Orange." When I was little- I'll never forget it- my Nana had an old tube of her lipstick from the 1950's. It was thee best blue-red, hands down. It looked like liquid rubies. I have never ever seen a red like it since. The colors that they could get back then really were eye-popping.

 My last little gem to share: vintage never-used Mai Tai drink mix from Beachcomber Budd's in Hawaii. Good Lord, can you imagine how rancid this stuff must taste by now? It's probably from the 1960's. But man, it sure looks cool.


  1. Awesome finds! The nudie cups are pretty cool.

  2. Awesome finds. My father had one of those naked lady glasses. He kept his toothbrush in it. :)