Friday, February 24, 2012

Find of the Week : Thriftin' Love!

So this week while running some mind-numbing pointless errands, I drove by one of my local thrift haunts, and, well- of course you know I just had to stop in. What? It's like I have implanted magnets in my body that pull me to them! ;) So, what did I find, you ask?


There it was, hanging there, calling to me. This delectable sky blue silk chiffon, iridescent sequined, crystal beaded, tulle skirted, mermaid gown confection! Needless to say, I flipped my lid. I snatched that thing up like grease lightening. So, I get it home, try it on, and it fits like A GLOVE. Amaaaazing thank ya good Lord Jesus God damn!

For those of you going to Viva, you'll probably be seeing me teetering around in this with one of those giant boot drinks in my hand. Ya know, cause I'm a lady like that. ;)


  1. Awesome! It looks fantastic on you!
    Isn't that the best feeling in the world? I must also have those "implanted magnets"...I'm sure we are not alone :-)

  2. Thanks! It's a sickness really. The thrifting or "picking" bug! I've had it for 17 years now... good grief. ;)

  3. That dress is to die for! It looks great on you.