Saturday, March 24, 2012

Outfit of the Day: I'm a Human Fly

So what the heck am I wearing? Ok, well....
  • 1950's cotton New Look "Fly" novelty print sun dress with matching belt. I scored this gem off of Etsy. I jumped on it right when the seller listed it, it had to be mine. I mean, seriously- tiny flies all over? How creepy, weird, and fantastic. And it has stick-out hip pockets that go into points. I get more compliments on this dress... it's nuts.
  • 1950's black leather "Frederick's of Hollywood" stiletto "Spring-o-lator" mules. Scored these at Decades on Haight Street in San Francisco a few years back. The heel is so high, at least 4 inches. I adore them.
A nice outfit for a chill day of running errands at the mall with my mother.

Hope everyone is having a wondrous weekend! I promise a better post coming soon, I have been super busy getting the Butch Wax Etsy stocked up with gems, gems, and more gems! Check it out!


  1. Oh my GAWD I love that dress!!!! At first I thought you were selling it and my credit card arm was already reaching for the wallet *sigh*
    Oh well :-)
    It might be my new holy grail!

  2. Human fly?! You're a GODDESS!
    LOVE The Cramps,love your hair,love this frock!

  3. Love the springolators. Have several pair myself.